Top 12 Songs That Teach A Lesson About Money

Since this blog is focused on helping others achieve financial freedom, I figured if I was going to put together my personal list of the greatest money songs of all time, I at least owed it to my five loyal readers to ensure that the list was more than just a compilation of “money songs”.   In other words, the lyrical content had to avoid these ubiquitous money themes: 1) “I

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Better Late Than Never

A recent article in Ars Technica stated that Technorati has tracked 133 million blogs since 2002.  Consider this blog number 133,000,001.

So what if I am five years or so late getting onto the blogging bandwagon?  Better late than never, right?

I mean, really.  Will anyone be interested in what I have to say?   Only time will tell.

My primary intent in starting this blog is to help those who wish to better

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