Aunt Doris

My dear Aunt Doris, who passed away this year at the age of 94, was a very funny and amazing woman. Regular readers here know that, over the years, she was the head panelist for my family blind taste-test challenges; but I also was lucky enough to get her to occasionally moonlight as a guest author for my blog. Here is the complete collection of her very entertaining stories and words of wisdom. Enjoy!

  1. My Thoughts on Growing Old
  2. The Gift of Laughter
  3. How to Make Ends Meet
  4. How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea
  5. Cowboys and Indians
  6. The Two-Fingered Salute
  7. The Same … But Different
  8. Do I Know You?
  9. The Neighborhood Bully
  10. A Memorial Day Tribute: Shaken — Not Stirred
  11. The Secret to Long Life
  12. A Cat’s a Cat and That’s That
  13. To Be or Not to Be
  14. Well … It Didn’t Seem Funny at the Time!
  15. Losing Streaks and Winning Ways