6 Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas For the Kids

So the Honeybee took our two kids out shopping for Halloween costumes this week and spent a grand total of $69.43.  This is not only a ghastly amount of money to spend on Halloween costumes, but it’s totally unacceptable in my opinion.

What, exactly, did we get for that amount of money?

Well, this year Matthew is going to be something called “Scream-o,” which apparently is based on that famous Edvard Munch painting, “The Scream.” Meanwhile, Nina is going to be a Gothic witch,  and is there really any other kind?

Oh well, it’s too late now – I know I’m not going to be the ghoul that breaks my kids’ hearts by telling them that they have to take their costumes back to the store because Daddy is cheap, er, frugal.

Next year if I get my way – which I probably won’t – my kids are going to get their Halloween costumes at Dad’s Costume Shop, not Party City.  Unlike Party City, Dad’s Costume Shop will consist of Halloween costumes that all cost under a buck.  How far under a buck?  Well, I’ve already designed six costumes and they are all exactly one dollar under a buck!

Uh huh.  In other words – free!

Now that’s what I call a reasonably priced Halloween costume.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at my 2010 Halloween costume line.  And as a public service to my readers, I have declared all of these designs to be share-wear, so if you haven’t bought your kids their costumes yet, let them browse these frugal offerings and ask them to pick their favorite – I’m sure they’ll agree this just might end up being the best Halloween ever!

By the way, if they give you any push back, although I’m not sure why they would with these awesome costume designs, just remind them that in case they haven’t noticed – like, hello – we’re in the midst of a very nasty recession.  That ought to bring the little buggers to their senses.

LittleLeaguerLittle League Bench Warmer
Key Costume Components: Your kid’s Little League uniform from this past summer.
Party City Price: $32.99
Dad’s Costume Shop Price: Free!
Savings: $32.99
Comment: To make the costume scary, tape a stat sheet to Junior’s back that highlights his .121 batting average.

GhostPitiful Ghost
Key Costume Components: The back side of an old Twister game (why ruin a sheet?)
Party City Price: $19.99
Dad’s Costume Shop Price: Free!
Savings: $19.99
Comment: A timeless classic. For those kids who don’t want to ruin their Twister game, the eye holes are optional.

VetMalpracticing Veterinarian
Key Costume Components: An old coat, a pocket protector, and the family dog.
Party City Price: $27.99
Dad’s Costume Shop Price: Free!
Savings: $27.99
Comment:  Although not as authentic, kids without a live pet can use a stuffed animal.

RockStarSophisticated Rock Star
Key Costume Components: Sunglasses
Party City Price: $24.99
Dad’s Costume Shop Price: Free!
Savings: $24.99
Comment: The King of Cool.  Think Boz Scaggs or Donald Fagan.  If mom or dad doesn’t smoke, make a fake cigarette from a piece of paper.

GymRatEnvironmentalist Gym Rat
Key Costume Components: Sweat bands, a tank top and some old gym shorts.
Party City Price: $32.99
Dad’s Costume Shop Price: Free!
Savings: $32.99
Comment:  Save money and the environment by toting an actual glass of water rather than bottled H2O.


The School Dunce
Key Costume Components: A simple dunce hat made from a sheet of paper.
Party City Price: Not available -  A Dad’s Costume Shop Exclusive!
Dad’s Costume Shop Price: Free!
Savings:  N/A
Comment:  Heh.  Nobody will be calling you stupid after you tell them how much you spent on this one.

As for me, this year I’m going as a streaker – when it comes to Halloween costumes, it doesn’t get any cheaper, er, frugaler-er than that.

Lucky for me this year’s Halloween forecast for Los Angeles is 71 degrees and clear skies – with a full moon, of course.  ;-)

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