Canadian Finance Blog

Canadian Finance Blog is the Canadian source for personal finance. The site covers universal topics such as how to invest wisely as well as tips on how you can save money on everyday expenses and bills. As one of the leading sites based out of Canada, numerous topics that matter to Canadians are covered, including RRSPs, TFSAs and Canadian taxes.


JoeTaxpayer is the founder of the eponymous where he has been blogging on various financial topics for over three years. He is interested in all aspects of financial planning with a strong focus on tax issues and retirement planning. Joe is also a frequent contributor and one of the moderators of the Usenet group misc.taxes.moderated and guest blogger at the TurboTax blog.

Goldbroker is a precious metals dealer whose editorial staff is composed of financial analysts and investors including CEO and founder Fabrice Drouin Ristori, board member Egon Von Greyerz, and Philippe Herlin. Their articles help others to better understand the world’s monetary system, and explain some of the reasons why precious metal prices have risen for more than a decade.


Monevator is a personal blog about money: making, saving, investing, and sometimes even spending it. It’s written by a UK-based private investor and spare room entrepreneur, for people like him, wherever they are in the world. Sign-up as a regular reader, and you’ll probably become richer. You’ll probably also lose your tan.

The Military Wallet

Ryan Guina writes about personal finance, career, military money, small business, and related topics at and his other site, He appreciates all aspects of personal finance and money management and is a big fan of getting out of debt, investing for retirement, and sharing tips on how to effectively manage your money.

Money Help For Christians

Money Help For Christians (MH4C) promotes a frugal, simple, debt-free, and generous lifestyle so Christians can faithfully maximize their resources by putting them at the disposal of God’s Kingdom. MH4C is committed to providing relevant resources in order to assist Christians in this effort.

Wealth Pilgrim

Wealth Pilgrim is about financial balance. On the one hand, Neal believes most of all of us can do better financially. Spend more mindfully, invest smarter, get better educated, make sure we maximize our earnings. On the other hand, there are some things that are beyond our control. Rather than allow those realities to diminish our joy in life, Neal feels we should learn to accept them and find joy in those limitations. Neal writes about finding this balance on his blog Wealth Pilgrim.

Green Panda Treehouse

I’m working in the financial industry and I am specialized in personal finance. I’m always trying to find way to make money differently than receiving my pay check every two weeks. I love to try different things and I will post true stories about them.I am currently building my own online business while working 4 days a week at my day job.

The Oblivious Investor

At the Oblivious Investor, Mike writes about ways to invest successfully without having to watch the market from day to day or month to month. He covers topics like asset allocation, building low-maintenance portfolios, and making the most out of your retirement accounts.

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