Out of Touch? Putting The Tea Party Protests In Perspective

In 1773, American colonists tossed three shiploads of taxed tea into Boston Harbor as a protest against the British practice of taxation without representation. Some 236 years later, another tea party of sorts was held in towns all across America, although depending on who you talk to there seems to be some dispute as to the underlying reasons for the protests.

As the tea party movement gained steam, it

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Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

Lisa Simpson: Grampa! Didn’t you wonder why you were getting checks for doing absolutely nothing?

Grampa: Not really… I figured it was because the Democrats were in power again.

– From an episode of The Simpsons

I’ve got some great news to share with all of you! Not only was one of my recent opinion pieces on the bailout mess featured in The Huffington Post yesterday, but I was also

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Saturday Link Love

This past week, Len Penzo dot Com had articles posted at the following carnivals:

• The Carnival of Everything Money: An Editor’s Pick (!) for What It Really Feels Like to be a Millionaire
• Money Hacks Carnival #59 – Duct Tape Edition
• Recession Fighters
• Festival of Frugality
• Carnival of the Vanities
• Money Saving Tips
• The Bobo Carnival

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The Best of the Best in Money and Personal Finance

Gosh, am I nervous!  I feel like an investor in a new musical that has just opened up on Broadway…

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Best of the Best in Money and Personal Finance!  The goal of this carnival is to provide bloggers with a stage for highlighting their very best personal finance posts of the previous month.   To keep the carnival true to its theme, I decided

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Blog Carnival News and Other Link Love

Several articles from Len Penzo dot Com were featured this week on other websites including The Carnival of Money Saving Tips, hosted at Save Few Bucks; Comics and Cents hosted at The Writer’s Coin; The Tax Carnival at Don’t Mess With Taxes; The Political Blog Weekly, hosted at US Common Sense; and, The Money Hacks Carnival, hosted at MoneyTLD.

Thanks guys for the link love!

By the way, I have started a

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Another Happy Day In Blogville…

Well, it’s another happy day in Blogville for the crack writing staff at Len Penzo dot Com.  I just thought I would drop a quick note that my post on the potential drawbacks of shopping for lower gasoline prices was selected as an Editor’s Pick for the 4th Edition of the Everything Money blog carnival.  Thank you, VC, at The Penny Daily, for that honor! 

My post on My

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You Like Me! You Really Like Me! (Well, At Least One of You)

I know I have strong opinions sometimes and that often results in some rather, er, colorful correspondence from my readers.

So it was a nice surprise to see one of my recent takes on the folly of the mortgage bail out plan picked up by the non-partisan Political Blog Weekly at U.S. Common Sense. That’s really cool! I am very humbled and appreciate the love.

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Fun with Chicken McNuggets

This is a very exciting time for me because today I am dipping into the mailbag and sharing a letter with you for the first time.  You know, I receive numerous letters each week and I always love to hear what my readers are thinking.  Okay, actually I don’t receive any letters — but play along with me anyway.

Yes, it’s very humbling to read letters from

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