10 Off-the-Wall Gifts for Open-Minded People

Hey!   You know what I haven’t seen lately on the blogosphere?   A personal finance post on great gift ideas!   😉

I’m kidding.   Kinda.   After all, there are already some great pieces on Christmas gift ideas for military members.

So… Are you tired of giving the same old stuff year after year?

I mean, come on.   How many neckties and bottles of Old Spice can dear old dad get anyway?

Are you with me, people?

Well, here’s a quick list of some of my favorite off-the-wall gifts.

Crime Scene Scarf


Nothing gathers attention like a little crime scene tape wrapped around your neck.

Trix-Flavored Lip Balm


Here is a perfect stocking stuffer.   I wonder if they plan on coming out with a Count Chocula version?   I know grandma and grandpa would appreciate lip balm flavored like 100% Bran Flakes, but I didn’t see that one listed either.

French Toast Stamper

French Toast

This is one I suggested to Jason over at Redeeming Riches for his article on 10 Great Gift Ideas Under $10.

Little Poopsie Stuffed Chew Toy

PoopsqueakLet your pup be the life of the party as he entertains your guests while he chews on this squeaky toy that is shaped like the stuff that is better-suited for backyards as opposed to living rooms!

Potty Night Light


Ladies, how many times have you scolded your man for going potty in the dark and leaving a bit of a mess?   Go easy on him because his intentions were true – he didn’t want to wake you.   With this potty light, those problems are now a thing of the past.

Life Is Crap T-Shirt

lifeiscrapStaying on theme, do you want the perfect counterpoint to those ubiquitous “Life Is Good” t-shirts?   Here you go…

Hazardous Waste Leftover Containers


These leftover containers are perfect for the workplace, as their auspicious warnings serve as a reminder to all your shifty coworkers (I said “shifty”) that the stuff inside is not fit for their consumption.

Beer Holders


For the party animal who doesn’t have time to traipse back and forth to the cooler for his next Silver Bullet, this insulated beer holder is perfect for tail-gaters everywhere.

$100-Bill Toilet Paper


Then again, if you’re patient, the Fed will eventually print enough of the real stuff to make this gift obsolete.

And at the rate they’re going I’m afraid you won’t have to wait very long.


  1. 1


    At least with the dollar bills toilet roll, it is soft and comfy! The real notes can be used now as toilet roll, but they will be “rough”!

    Re: potty night light. I wonder why we never install “men” urinal at home like the ones in public toilets. That should solve the problem. I really there is space constraints for most of us. But heck, every million dollar homes should have one!

    • 2


      Yes, Mr. CC! The thought of using real money as TP gives new meaning to the old adage that you should never put money in your mouth because money is dirty, doesn’t it? 😉

      As for the urinals… I’ve wondered about that too! Great minds think alike! LOL Also wonder why us Americans never caught on to bidets like the Euros have.

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