A Few Thoughts from Aunt Doris: Cowboys and Indians

This is another post in an occasional series from my dear nonagenarian Aunt Doris.


Aunt Doris

When I was a kid in England I loved to play Cowboys & Indians. (Yes, we played that too.) I always wanted to be the Indian.

Well, I grew up, went through World War II and the Battle of Britain, married a GI, and came to the land of cowboys and Indians.

Years later my daughter-in-law, Chris, casually mentioned she was part Cherokee. Now I have two grandsons who are part “Indian.” Imagine my joy!

To this day I love watching Indian movies. My favorites are: Dances with Wolves; Last of the Mohicans (both of them); and Last of the Dogmen (I love that one!).

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched them over the years, but it’s a lot.

And although it’s not my favorite, I like Avatar too, which sort of has a cowboy & Indians theme.

Hey, I see Avatar is on HBO again tonight. Yea!


Aunt Doris

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