Money Hacks Carnival XCV – The “Tiger Woods, We Hardly Knew Ye” Edition

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Welcome to edition XCV of The Money Hacks Carnival, where every featured post is an Editor’s Pick!  No wait, that’s my monthly Best of the Best carnival.

Let’s try that again…

Welcome to edition XCV of The Money Hacks Carnival, where every post might be an Editor’s Pick – but the odds are it’s probably not.

There.  That’s more like it.

Hey, don’t get mad at me – I don’t make the rules here.  I really enjoyed reading all of your articles, but I was told that I could only select five (5) of them as Editor’s picks, so if you’ve got a complaint, please write the mystery man behind the curtain who administers this carnival.

No, I don’t know who that is, but it ain’t me, Babe.

This is the 95th edition of the Money Hacks carnival and 95 ain’t too shabby for a blog carnival.

Ninety-five is a pretty good golf score too.  At least it is if you’re me; if you’re Tiger Woods, not so much.

Then again, as the events of the past fortnight have shown, even Tiger Woods can have a bad day or, um, fortnight.   Unfortunately for Tiger, now that he has shown his stripes, most people are giving him a big quintuple bogey for his recently uncovered predilection for collecting multiple birdies.

Tiger Woods, how could you?  We hardly knew ye!


Editor’s PicksTiger’s 6,500-square-foot yacht has a master suite and six staterooms.  It is decorated in dark cherry wood and beige marble, with leather-upholstered furniture, white carpeting and walls covered in white silk.  It has a theater projection system, a gym and an eight-person Jacuzzi – which probably is a couple persons too small considering what we know now.   One thing the yacht isn’t short on is beds – enough for a harem of 21.

Debt Kid presents Top 11 Money Mistakes That Make Me Crazy posted at Debt Kid.

In this entertaining and informative post, Jessica shares with us 11 money mistakes that really tick her off.  Psst.  Here’s a little friendly advice:  If you get invited to Jessica’s Christmas party this year, make sure you leave the “ghetto wheels” at home – especially if you plan on pulling into her driveway in your ’72 Ford Pinto.

J.D. Roth presents A Brief Guide to Holiday Tipping posted at Get Rich Slowly saying, “Tipping service people with whom you have regular contact can build goodwill. Everyone likes to feel appreciated; we tend to remember the little gestures others make on our behalf.”

I chose this post for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I think J.D. put together a very pithy guide on holiday tipping. For example, not only does J.D. give some guidelines regarding how much to tip during the holidays, but he also offers cool suggestions like using crisp new bills to make a good impression.  Second, everybody knows I am a big J.D. Roth fan – in fact, I thought J.D. got a raw deal when Opportunity Knocks was canceled.  (I’ve started a write-in campaign, J.D., to get the show reinstated on ABC – but it looks to me like you’re doing just fine now as a personal finance blogger.)

Matt Jabs presents Lending Club – My Review of Social Lending posted at Debt Free Adventure!

For anybody who wants to learn more about social lending networks as an alternative to traditional banks, you really need to check out this outstanding primer on everything you need to know about arguably the best known one of them all: Lending Club.   Speaking of loans: Two lawyers are standing in line at a bank when armed robbers burst in.  A few gunmen begin taking money from the tellers.  The other robbers, though, line the customers up against a wall and start taking their wallets, jewelry, and other valuables.  While this is all taking place, one lawyer presses something into his colleague’s hand. Without looking down, the second lawyer whispers, “What is that?”  To which the first lawyer replied, “It’s the $100 I owe you.”

Freefrombroke presents Tax Tips For Parents posted at Free From Broke saying, “There are a good number of tax credits and deductions a parent can be using. Here are a few.”

Here is a terrific article from FFB on how to maximize your tax deductions if you are a new parent.  For the record, there will be no jokes here, folks.  I don’t want to tick off the IRS.

Rob @ fff presents Tales From The NBA: A Baller on a Budget posted at saying, “This is the story of a frugal up & coming NBA superstar.”

Considering the sports-based theme of this carnival, I thought it only appropriate to highlight this article on NBA rookie Brandon Jennings.  Did you know 60 percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy within five years of leaving the hardwood?  Me neither.  Here, Rob highlights why Brandon Jennings probably won’t fall victim to that statistic.  Unlike Tiger, Jennings is one sports star that we could all to look up to – at least when it comes to how he manages his personal finances.


Everybody knows Tiger is the world’s best golfer, but what many people don’t know is that he is also an extremely gifted impersonator.  Check out his nifty impersonation of Barack Obama in the Oval Office.  Tiger even fooled Joe Biden (just out of the picture), who was overheard telling White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that he was embarrassed to admit that he didn’t know the President had a twin brother.

Peak Personal Finance presents Tips for Better Holiday Shopping posted at Peak Personal Finance.

Madison presents How To Save Money on Gift Wrap posted at My Dollar Plan.

Oneadvice presents Ways to Have a Credit Crunch Christmas posted at One Advice saying, “Worried about your credit card bills come 2010? There are ways to have a credit crunch Christmas – don’t miss out on these top tips…”

Emily Simmons presents Christmas on a Budget posted at Prosper and Be In Health

Kyle Montgomery presents College Christmas Decorations posted at 21 and Broke saying, “I thought this article was pretty good and relevant to the time of year.”

Guffly presents Seven Eco Gifts Under $50 posted at Guffly saying, “Guffly is your source for stylish products and unique gifts that ease your shopping conscience by being eco friendly or fair trade.”

John Murphy presents It’s Comin’ on Christmas They’re Cuttin’ Down Trees… posted at Online Investing Guru.


Up until two weeks ago, Tiger was a role model for a whole generation of promising young golfers.  Here is an unidentified up-and-coming superstar from the PGA’s developmental circuit, better known as the Nationwide Tour,  emulating his fallen hero after sinking a pressure-packed three-inch putt for par.

YMR presents Using a Health Savings Account For Retirement posted at Your Money Relationship.

Wenchypoo presents Free Heat on the Street posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

J. Money presents Money CAN Buy Happiness, posted at Budgets are Sexy, saying, “We spend a lot of time cutting back and saving, and doing whatever else we can to ensure a healthy nest egg, but there’s something to say about SPENDING too.”

Credit Shout presents Bing CashBack Actually Costing You Money? posted at Credit Shout.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Integrating Finances As A Couple posted at Canadian Finance Blog saying, “Here’s some valuable reminders for how to work on integrating couple’s finances.”

Chris Holdheide presents Top 10 Credit Cards By Category, posted at Stumble Forward, saying, “Learn what the best credit cards are by category and why I chose them…”

MoneyNing presents 10 Reasons to Have a Library Card posted at Money Ning saying, “The library is still one the best ways to spend your time. Here are ten reasons why you want a library card.”

Jeff Rose presents 7 Things To Know About Roth IRA Rules for 2010 posted at Jeff Rose.

Austin presents Simplify Savings with the Envelope System posted at Foreigner’s Finances saying, “How the envelope system can provide you with easy budgeting and savings. A detailed look at how to set it up, and common mistakes to avoid.”

Bucksome presents We Replaced the Cable posted at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement saying, “Our endeavor to replace Time Warner has come to end, but of course there were bumps along the way.”

Billeater presents Six Ways to Save on Baby Expenses posted at Billeater.

D4L presents 11 Dividend Stocks Giving You More To Spend posted at Dividends Value.

Steve Faber presents Preventing Identity Theft – The Next Level posted at Debt Free saying “Use these powerful strategies to prevent becoming a victim.”

Chris Lang presents Property and Money: 20 Tips any Married Woman Must Read (Part 1) posted at Home I Own.

One Family presents Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) – Stock Analysis posted at One Family’s Blog saying, “An analysis and recommendation of Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) stock.”

Financial Tales presents A Tale of Two Titans; Financial Tales posted at Financial Tales saying, “Dollar Cost Averaging and Asset Allocation: A question that always comes up, regardless of age, is how do I allocate my money once I start a savings program?”


Despite his immense wealth and fame, Tiger steadfastly maintains that he has always been a normal everyday kind of guy.  This undated photo, taken in December 2007, just might be definitive proof: Tiger, despite a terrible case of poison ivy that caused his face to swell to grossly obscene proportions, and a temporary case of vitiligo that had mysteriously affected both his neck and arms, still managed to make a scheduled appearance at the annual Pasadena Doo Dah Parade – much to the delight of everyone.  Note: Tiger had the crowd so enraptured with his presence that the UFO hovering over Green St. (background) went completely unnoticed – even by TMZ.

PT presents Suggested Asset Allocation for Your 529 Plan posted at PT Money.

Matthew Angelo Alberto presents How to Use Kiva to Turn Your $50 Into $500 So That You Infinitely Give More and More to Empower the Poor in our World, posted at iDevelopWorld

Damon Day presents Debt Settlement – FTC could put 84% of Companies out of Business! posted at Damon Day and Associates, saying “Many consumers struggling with debt are turning to debt settlement companies for help. Unfortunately, most debt settlement programs are more focused on charging high fees than helping consumers get out of debt.”

David presents List of 0% Balance Transfer Offers posted at Credit Card Offers IQ

DR presents 23 Powerful Tips and Tools to Eliminate Debt posted at The Dough Roller.

LeanLifeCoach presents Save Money Buying A House « Eliminate The Muda! posted at Eliminate The Muda! saying, “Not even considering the price of a home, the costs of home buying can get ridiculous. Gain knowledge about the fees and charges to prepare yourself for the negotiation.”

Paul Piotrowski presents Taking Your Life to the Next Level posted at Inspired Money Maker.

Jason presents 10 Things to Do on a Cheap Vacation posted at Live Real, Now.

Editor presents Get Ready for Financial Success posted at Your Best Library saying, “What is financial success? Is it earning a fat paycheck? What amount of money can offer you the freedom you want, if you do work you don’t like?”

pkamp3 presents Neglecting Inflation posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Personal Finance, Economics and Investing saying, “The health care currently in debate in the Senate neglects one very important thing when assessing its taxes and fees: inflation.”

Simon presents How To Hide Naughty Credit Card Purchases posted at Realm of Prosperity

Baker presents Excess is a Liability posted at Man Vs. Debt saying, “Excess is a Liability. Enough said.”

Super Saver presents Real Estate is not a Sure Gain posted at My Wealth Builder.

Kyle presents The Secret Art of Tipping posted at Suburban Dollar.

Miss M presents How Much Cash do you Carry? posted at M is for Money.

Carson Brackney presents Three Money Saving Tricks You May Have Overlooked posted at Personal Finance Analyst.


No comment.

And with that the 95th edition of the Money Hacks Carnival is officially over!  I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

Even you, Tiger.

Flickr photo credits: Tiger’s Yacht by Duncan Rawlinson ; Tiger and Obama by Ted Lipien; Tiger and Elin by Nevada Tumbleweed; Parade by Jim W.; Tiger Pose by Randy Chiu

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