A Few Thoughts from Aunt Doris: The Gift of Laughter

This is another post in an occasional series from my dear Aunt Doris, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 94.


Aunt Doris

I do love to laugh. Even as a kid, any crying always ended in laughing.

In this day and age of complaining, protesting and general worry, it’s what we all need. It can help in the most dire of times.

In World War II, during the bombing of London (yes, I was there) the warden would always come down to the air raid shelter and make a security check. One time, while trying to determine who should be rescued first, the warden called out, “Are there any pregnant women here?”

There was no response for a second or two.

Then a Cockney broke the silence. “Blimey, mate! We’ve only been down here for five minutes!”

Well, for one glorious moment, the war was forgotten. We were all just a bunch of people having a good laugh!

Everyone should try to have at least one good belly laugh a day. It will do you good.


Aunt Doris


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    LOL! Thanks Aunt Doris :) That appealed to my english roots. I can hear my grandfather coming out with something just like that! My grandmother stayed behind in London while the blitz was going on and her kids, including my mother, were sent to the country. I grew up hearing stories of London during wartime.

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    DC says

    LOL! Gotta love British humor.

    You know, it’s not inconceivable (pun intended) there were more than a few “tube” babies. Here in the US, after the Northeast Blackout of 1965, there was a surge of births in New York about nine months later.

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    Ann says

    I make it a daily habit to make my husband laugh at least 10 times sometimes 50 times a day, I especially love telling him a dumb joke when he has a mouth full of mouthwash, ahh the spitting and coughing i have caused! LOL And our bath always smells minty fresh…You have to laugh!


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