Cutting Costs Down on Calling

Keeping in touch with family and friends on the phone can get very expensive very quickly if not handled properly.   Savvy shoppers can cut down those calling costs both domestically and internationally by using the tips below.

Use Special Discount Codes

You may be able to lower the costs of traditional calls from land line phones by using coupon codes. There are some coupon codes available from domestic carriers that can be used to temporarily lower your bill. Coupon codes are available during different months and at specific times of the year.  New phone customers can qualify for special promo codes that can reduce the cost of both local and long distance calls, so remember to ask.

Use Residential Unlimited Plans

If you use the phone quite a bit, an unlimited plan may be right for you. Residential customers can cut down on the costs of phone calls by opting for unlimited plans and even take advantage of included extra services.   These plans will allow you to make unlimited phone calls throughout the United States so you do not have to keep an eye on your call time anymore. You can get flat-rate pricing so your telephone bill is fixed from month to month.

Use Calling Cards

Calling cards have been around since the 1980’s to lower costs for both home and business callers. Calling cards still make sense to use for those needing to make international calls. International calls can cost a fortune from cell phones and home phones — for example, you could pay a couple of dollars a minute for a call to Brazil, Mexico, or Spain. A calling card can cut your rates to less than 50 cents a minute.

Use a Basic Plan

A basic plan makes sense for those that do not need all of the features that advanced plans come with. A basic plan provides simple local calling and a limit on the number of minutes of residential talk time each month. You do not get all of the features like caller id and voice mail. These plans are as low as $20 a month and work well for those that do not use their home phones except for a few times of month.

No matter which way you go, you don’t have to pay through the nose to keep talking.


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    pen says

    good post. my roommate has a friend in Australia and they talk regularly. The roommate used phone cards until they decided to switch to skype.

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