Black Coffee: My Favorite Blogs, Money News and Opinions #3

Blogs I’ve Been Following This Week

Most people in the US now know that Sarah Palin is officially resigning her position this month as the governor of Alaska.   What they don’t know is that she is resigning so she can focus all of her energy into her new job as the executive consultant to Len Penzo dot Com.  Tomorrow Sarah and I have a meeting at 0900 hours to discuss tips for my next article on how to field dress a moose.

And now, sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe.  Here are my favorite personal finance blogs from this past week…

Bret Frohlich – Earlier this week, Bret, who happens to be one of my favorite PF bloggers, posted a brilliant article on why being frugal doesn’t always rule.   His recommendation:  spend less time trying to scrimp and save and instead spend more time trying to increase your income.  Easier said than done?   Maybe.   But Bret does a great job offering up several compelling supporting arguments to bolster his case.

Master Your Card – Jonathan’s post on the potential for catching swine flu from your credit cards really caught my attention. I always knew money was filthy, but I never really gave much thought to credit cards. He didn’t cite any corroborating studies, but it makes sense. You know, I stopped putting legal tender in my mouth the day I saw a lady pull her money out of her underwear. I am not kidding. I used to work as a grocery store checker and one day this obese, sweaty, lady paid for her groceries by pulling a wad of bills out of the waistband of her panties. I still get grossed out every time I think about it.

The Dough Roller – The Roller brought up the age-old debate over 15- and 30-year loans.  Which is better?  As I’ve explained here on these pages before, for me it’s all about having the flexibility that comes with the lower payments and longer loan period.  Especially when you consider most of the extra money you spend on interest can be offset by simply making extra principal payments.

The Dividend Growth Investor -  This past week I was in Omaha on a business trip.  Naturally it was quite a coincidence when I noticed that DGI posted an article on the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.  In it, DGI dispels several common myths about the second richest man in the world.   One interesting tidbit that isn’t a myth is that Buffett lives in a very modest home in Omaha – the same one he has lived in since 1958.

Plonkee Money – As far as I could tell, Plonkee didn’t have any new posts this week but, as I mentioned last week, I just love the name Plonkee and so I am giving her another shout out!  In fact, I’m scrapping my previous plan for the Honeybee to have another baby girl just so I can name her Plonkee.  That’s because I have decided it would be cheaper to officially change my 9-year-old daughter’s name instead.   Yep.  Besides, Sarah Palin has offered to expedite all the necessary paperwork for me. :-)

Credits and Debits

Debit: President Obama joined other leaders of the G-8, a group consisting of the world’s top eight economic powerhouses, in a pledge to try and keep the world’s average temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius (that’s 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit to Americans).   In a related story, after learning that tidal forces continue to slow our spinning planet such that Earth’s current 24-hour day is twice as long as it was 4 billion years ago, President Obama is now working feverishly to persuade the rest of the G-8 to also agree to speed up the planet’s rate of rotation.

Debit: By the way, now that global temperatures have been scientifically shown to have dropped by a margin large enough to wipe out nearly all the warming recorded over the past 100 years, has anybody else noticed that the left-leaning media outlets and climate propagandists have stopped using the term “global warming” and replaced it with “climate change?”  Of course, the main motive behind most people carrying on about global warming (I mean, climate change) is to discredit capitalism and foster socialism.  Except for Al Gore, that is, who plans to capitalize on his own hullabaloo by building a personal fortune selling carbon offsets.  Of course, if this happens the United States will be one step closer to a Soviet style command economy where government regulators determine what kinds and amounts of energy will be made available to the private sector.

Credit: I was deeply honored this week when I found out that Jesus Christ is now officially following me on Twitter. How do I know it’s the real Jesus Christ?  Duh!  Because he sent me this personal message: “Hope you enjoy my tweets. Its (sic) not a fake, that I am Jesus personally.” I know what you’re thinking. If he is the real Jesus Christ, how come he forgot that apostrophe?  Beats me.  Maybe it’s because his primary language was Aramaic.

Blasts From the Past – Six Months Ago

I’ve decided that since I have a lot of new readers to Len Penzo dot Com, I would highlight some of my favorite pieces from the past that they might have missed.  I’m calling this new feature… The Time Machine.

“Hold on, Len.  I think Trent is already using that clever name over at The Simple Dollar.”

What?  Never heard of him, but okay, fine.  I’m calling this new feature… The Way-Back Machine.   Here are two entries I’d love for you to check out:

I’m Just Askin’:  Why Waste Money at Starbucks? – Yes, it’s no revelation that you waste money buying a cup of java at Starbucks; after all, there are 26,463 personal finance articles posted to the Internet every day that verify this fact.  But in this very short piece, I did some additional calculations that show you waste a lot of something else as well that is even more important.

Got A Fixed Rate Mortgage?  Root for High Inflation – Last month I featured Inflation Week at Len Penzo dot Com.  And while it was not as scary as Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, judging from the feedback I received, it scared more than a few of you.  However as this piece shows, the good news is that for those of you with fixed rate mortgages and a large balance, maybe high inflation wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Update: My Shameless RSS Experiment — Week 4

Finally, as we work our way into the fourth week of My Shameless RSS Experiment, I was very pleased to get five more subscribers over the past week. Hooray for me!  And while those numbers may seem very modest, they mean a lot to me.  Although I’ve still got a ways to go before I reach my 100 subscriber goal, when I do I’ll be sure to crow about it and we’ll all have a bit of a celebration.

As always, if you like what you’re reading, please take a moment to subscribe. I’d really appreciate it!  And thanks to all of you who have already chosen to follow me here at Len Penzo dot Com!   :-)

Carnival News

This past week I had posts featured at the following carnivals:

- Twenty Something Finances

- Money Hacks – Staying Cool Edition

- Carnival of Family Life: Fourth of July Edition

- Carnival of Observations on Life

- Carnival of Struggling Bumbling Newbies

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6 comments to Black Coffee: My Favorite Blogs, Money News and Opinions #3

  • Funny stuff:) I also really like The Dough Roller and Div Growth Investor…..

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Money! Now please be sure to go tell your friends. (Looking at my stats, you’re the only person who’s not a relative of mine that has read it.) ;-)

  • Len,

    Thanks for including my article in the roundup.

    In a world where there is so much bad financial advice everywhere, it’s great to see bloggers like you setting the record straight.

    Keep up the good fight.


  • Jill

    Too funny! I love this feature. Keep it up! :-)

  • @Bret: You’re very welcome, Bret. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I have no intention of abandoning the war on stupid. ;-)

    @Jill: Thank you. I appreciate your words of encouragement! :-)

  • Let’s face it: despite many people’s protestations to the contrary, too many folks have an automatic trust of government. When there is a problem, many of us don’t like to think of government as the problem but as the solution. Add to that the near phobia that many have about economics as business and what do we get? Pretty much what we have now: a government going billions of dollars IN debt in attempts to get the economy OUT of debt, We get a government doing such idiotic things as bailing out companies for whom bankruptcy is imminent and buying up banks.

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