100 Words On: What You Should Always Do Before Buying Stuff Online

It’s estimated that online sales in the United States will approach $279 billion by 2015 — that’s a lot of people clicking on website “Buy Now” buttons.

I recently saved $5 on an online purchase simply because I spent two minutes searching the Internet for applicable website coupons known as promotional codes. Best of all, you can get promo codes for stuff as varied as airline tickets and contact lenses — and everything else in between.

The bottom line: Yes, buying online makes shopping a breeze, but unless you’re willing to invest some time looking for promo codes, you’re probably spending more than you need to.

Photo Credit: Cameron Russell

11 comments to 100 Words On: What You Should Always Do Before Buying Stuff Online

  • Theo

    You’re right. That is an extremely smart tip. Velieve it or not for those willing to look there are some promo codes out there waiting to be claimed that will save you $50, $100, $150. I know because I’ve redeemed them myself for places like Home Depot. When doing an internet search, type in the name of the site your shopping at and the words “promotional code” (without quotes) and if there are any available, they’ll come up.

    • Len Penzo

      I appreciate the added advice, Theo. It’s tough to get all of the dirty details in a 100 word post. The whole point of these smaller articles — besides sharing financial tips in quick little bite-sized pieces — is to invite my readers to help fill in those blanks and get the dialog rolling. Thanks again!

  • I like shopping online because I can use shopping bots to find the lowest price. The coupons or discount codes just add to the savings.

  • Yep, great tip. I saved lots of money looking for last minute coupon codes before buying my winter coat online last year.

  • MarkC

    Len this is fantastic advice. I ALWAYS look for coupon codes before making an online purchase. The savings can really add up, especially if a retailer allows coupon piggy-backing. I recently purchased a piece of luggage that retails at REI for $350 plus tax from another online retailer for $250. Shopping online and spending time searching for coupon codes eventually saved me over $100 including shipping costs.

    • Len Penzo

      Wow, that is quite a discount! Great job! It’s really amazing how many big coupon codes are out there that many people simply fail to take advantage of.

  • Love using promo codes online! So easy and can save so much money!

  • loopslike

    Coupons is the best way to have discount. Every retail store give more or less discount on coupon. Yesterday I saw one place where Sears is giving about 68% discount on a coupon. It is a matter of thundering. I quickly visited the link and they redirected to the Sears site. Then I knew the event was real. So why we not use these coupon code! I just love it so so.

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