100 Words On: Why the Most Valuable Monopoly Property Isn’t Boardwalk

When playing Monopoly, the conventional wisdom is that the best property to own is Boardwalk because it commands the highest rent. However, savvy players know the most valuable property is actually Illinois Avenue. How can that be? Well, one of the biggest reasons is that Illinois Avenue’s board position — two “seven” rolls from Jail — gives it the distinction of being the game’s most-landed on property; Boardwalk is ranked fourteenth.

The bottom line: When buying real estate, the three most important factors are always location, location and location — regardless of whether you’re paying for it with Monopoly money or real cash.

Photo Credit: Mark Strozier


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    Becky says

    My favorite properties have always been the light blue squares. Oriental, Connecticut and the last one escapes me at the moment. It doesn’t cost a lot to put 4 houses and a hotel on them so the return on your investment is good and they seem to catch their fair share of players.

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      Len Penzo says

      Vermont is the other property, Becky. As for me, I’ve always preferred the Orange properties: Tennessee Ave, New York Ave and St. James Place. Don’t ask me why. (Because I can’t really say.)

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    As a former landlord, I definitely agree it is always location when it come to real estate. It doesn’t have to be Beverly Hills to be agreat location! It should be where there high demand!

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      Len Penzo says

      True. There are plenty of places in “low-rent” districts that provide better returns than ritzier places in the “high-rent” ones.

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    Auntjenny7 says

    It’s the orange properties that are most landed on. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I Googled it and it’s due to: 1. Go to Jail, 2. Advance to St. Charles Place (Pall Mall), 3. Advance to Reading Railroad (King’s Cross Station) and 4. Go Back Three Spaces. You have to pass by those oranges a lot.

    I still like Boardwalk and Park Place though, you’ll at least come in second if you get those!

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      Len Penzo says

      Well, Aunt Jenny, the website I linked to was from a nerd who ran detailed probability analyses (you can see his results there) that show it’s indeed Illinois Avenue — not those Orange properties. The official Monopoly FAQ agrees with those results too! :-)

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    Angie says

    And there’s a card that sends you to Illinois Ave!

    We’re board game geeks around here, and my husband and I have already sussed all this out 😀

  5. 12


    Great advice for real estate investors and cool tie in with Monopoly. Park Place and Boardwalk, you feel like a high roller, but in real life, the quicker you get your monopoly going, that’s when the money starts rolling in!

  6. 13

    workingman says

    Len, Aunt Jenny is VERY correct. The orange properties are the most landed on properties in total – ranking #4, #7 and #12 in the listing of “most landed upon.” Illinois is the most single landed on property, ranking only behind Jail.
    Kentucky is #10 and Indiana is #13. Adding everything up, orange is 4+7+12 or 23. Red properties are 2+10+13, or 25. Therefore, you’ll hit the oranges slightly more than the reds. (FYI: Go is #3)

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