Another State Chicken Nugget Submittal

Back in February I found a Chicken McNugget that was the spitting image of Connecticut.   At the time I asked my dear readers to be on the look out for other chicken nuggets that resembled US states, Puerto Rico, Guam and/or the Canadian provinces.

To be honest, I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever see another state chicken nugget.   Can anybody really blame me?   After all, it had been close to two months since my request first went out.

Then, lo and behold, I got a surprise in my mail bag the other day from an actual reader who was kind enough to send in this picture of a chicken nugget that is a fairly decent facsimile of Michigan’s lower peninsula.   I’ll let the nice lady who took the time to get this picture tell the rest of the story.

Fellow chicken nugget connoisseur, Jill, writes:

The other day my family and I came across this chicken nugget.   My son had them all spread out on the table in order from biggest to smallest.   I couldn’t help but notice one in particular that looked kind of special.   As soon as I saw it I told him he had to wait to eat this one until after mommy took a picture of it!   Doesn’t it look a lot like lower Michigan?   There was no sign of the (upper peninsula).

Good catch, Jill!   I figured that the next state to be submitted was going to be an easy one like, Wyoming or Colorado.     But to find a very complex chicken nugget like Michigan’s LP is quite a treat!   :-)

Oh, sure.   There are naysayers and skeptics out there who will vehemently question this photo’s authenticity.   Yes, it is a bit blurry, but I believe the image has not been tampered with and is the genuine article.

Thanks for the photo, Jill!

Readers:   Please stay on the lookout for additional chicken nuggets masquerading as a state or Canadian province, and send in your photographic evidence.   I’ll post them as I get them.   I won’t rest until we collect photos of nuggets representing all 50 states, and the 10 Canadian provinces.     Hey, at this rate we’ll have the whole collection in about 30 years!

And remember, nuggets that show signs of tampering will be disqualified.   :-)

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