You Like Me! You Really Like Me! (Well, At Least One of You)

I know I have strong opinions sometimes and that often results in some rather, er, colorful correspondence from my readers. ;-)

So it was a nice surprise to see one of my recent takes on the folly of the mortgage bail out plan picked up by the non-partisan Political Blog Weekly at U.S. Common Sense. That’s really cool! I am very humbled and appreciate the love. Thank you.

Alas, just when I thought I was making some progress in convincing many of you that real virtue doesn’t lie in trying to reach millionaire status as quickly as possible, but rather in learning to live within your means, I seemingly took yet another step backward.

I am sorry to say that self-professed fan Courtney-the-Waitress gave back her official Len Penzo dot Com fan number (yes, “3″ is now back in circulation) after I failed to go along with her suggestion that tipping 20% should be mandatory for all diners. Just to be clear: Yes, Courtney, I do realize most servers work very hard for their money. And, no, “Doofus” is not my middle name.

Thankfully, Mom and Dad have not displayed an inclination to return numbers 1 and 2. Yet. ;-)

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