3 Common Contractor Scams and How to Avoid Them

Americans shell out $168 billion on home improvements and general maintenance every year — however, not all of that money ends up being well spent. Many people end up getting scammed by “drive-by” and otherwise unscrupulous contractors looking for an easy mark. Here are three of the most common home repair ripoffs you should be aware of:

3 Common Contractor Scams

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    We haven’t done too extensive home repairs, but I’m ‘covered’ since my husband is a civil engineer so he kinda knows ‘the drill’. It is shocking to see how many scammers and bad service you can find in the business though.

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    Gina says

    After 6 month renovation while living in our house. You left out a couple.

    1. We will not put down paper or tarps to protect your floors until you ask. Floor protection**
    2. That 350.00 bath cabinet you want, will be “out of stock”
    when they go to pick it up and they will instead put in a 45.00 cabinet. Make sure all materials are picked out in advance with your budget set, colors and names and all materials marked on a materials sheet, give contractor a copy, head guy a copy, tape one to wall if need be.
    3. Will leave their trash all over yard, because a dumpster is expensive to rent, they wait till last minute. Have a trash management plan outlined in contract as well.

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      Len Penzo says

      Great additions, Gina — especially #2. It is important to have all of your requirements written down and agreed to by all parties. I know too many people who were ripped off because they ended up getting something completely different than they expected when they agreed to the work being done.

      Thanks for sharing them!

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