9 Travel Nightmares to Watch for When Planning Your Vacation

There are lots of things that can quickly turn a great vacation into a real nightmare.

A few years ago, during one of my more memorable family summer vacations, I ended up leaving my credit card at a Washington D.C. restaurant. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t figure that out until I was heading out of town — at the first toll booth on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway. I know.

Anyway, I got a replacement card delivered to me a couple of days later but, still, it was a headache I could have done without.

Believe it or not, according to Hotspot Shield, there are nine vacation disasters out there even worse than losing a credit card. After reading through the list, it’s almost enough to make me want to stay home this summer.

Hey … I said almost.

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    Good points and some can be avoided; others it is much more difficult to do anything about. I have had the ‘missing bag’ one several times and it is not great – but I end up with new clothes and the airline pays.

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    I lost my camera lens on a trip in Spain. I couldn’t go back or file a police report because we left the country (cruise). The sad part was I realized it soon after the cab left, but we needed to leave. Insurance will not cover you unless you file a police report.

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    No matter how one is careful, there is always something or someone you forget. My cousin went on a 4-hour drive to a family friend’s home. On the way back, he drove for more than 2 hours when he noticed one of his two daughters was missing. He went back to the friend’s home. Luckily he had left her there.

    He has eight kids – 6 boys and 2 girls.


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