100 Words On: How Our Debt Troubles Are Usually Related to Diet

Many folks who tally their assets and liabilities after years of modest but steady increases in income often end up scratching their heads, wondering why their net worth is nothing to write home about. Whether they’ll admit it or not, those dumbfounded individuals usually have a lot in common with the chronic couch potato who can’t understand why he weighs 450 pounds. Both have management issues — the former, cash; the latter, calories.

The bottom line: Wealth is the difference between the value of what we produce and consume. Control your consumption and you will, over time, almost certainly increase your wealth.

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    Devis clearly does not have the self control noted by Len to gain wealth and stay healthy. This is apparant by his blatant spam… poor Devis…

    (If Len deleted devis’s post it was a spam commenter talking about electronics, just so you know)

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      Len Penzo says

      Thank you, Lance. Devis has been given a 10-month comment misconduct penalty and banished to the penalty box to serve his time.

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    And all too often they’ll complain about it and blame someone else for their troubles. Well, maybe you’ll get a financial bailout, but good lucking getting someone to diet for you.

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    bonnie w says

    So true! My husband and I are working on our debt snowball and hopefully will gain the willpower to lose weight as well.

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      Len Penzo says

      If you have the discipline to whittle away your debt, Bonnie, I am confident you and your hubby will eventually lose the weight as well. :-)

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    Kelsey says

    I indignantly disagree! I’ve been working out faithfully and watching what I eat and I’ve still been gaining weight for the past 6 months!! I’m due in February, though, maybe that will help. 😛

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    The same changes in behavior help both arenas. Self control is so easy once you get on the train, it’s just difficult at first to get the momentum going. Make it easy for yourself to go out for a run and get yourself excited about the change and it’ll happen almost magically.

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      Len Penzo says

      I like how you describe the process as one of building momentum. I think that is very very true. It also works in reverse — once you get that momentum really going it’s also harder to stop being responsible in both arenas.

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