Welcome to My Newest Sponsor

This year I want to occasionally take a moment to reach out and thank some of the folks that help me pay the bills here at Len Penzo dot Com.     Hey, somebody has to pay for all of the stuff I use to conduct my taste-tests, head-to-head product experiments, cash giveaways, and all the other expenses that come with running a blog!   Of course, whenever possible, I always prefer that “somebody” is someone other than me.   ;-)

Today I’m welcoming my newest sponsor, DebtConsolidation.com, which is a leading information source for debt management and credit counseling operated by Star Nine Ventures. For years they’ve been helping consumers with their debt consolidation needs.

DebtConsolidation.com offers a variety of services, including basic consolidation, credit counseling, debt settlement and bankruptcy.

While I preach that it’s always better to first try and work out your debt issues on your own, I also understand that sometimes situations can become overwhelming.   So, if you’ve tried everything you can to dig yourself out of debt but are still unable to cope, I encourage you to take a few moments and see if DebtConsolidation.com might be able to help.