100 Words On: The Dangers of Loitering in the Comfort Zone

It’s human nature for us to want to spend as much time as possible in the proverbial comfort zone. And why not? It takes courage to walk away from the dependable familiarity and security that waits for us there; for many, sometimes that’s even true in adverse situations, such as a failing relationship. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to grow, be creative, and lead truly fulfilling lives when we continually play it safe.

The bottom line: Don’t be afraid to venture beyond the confining boundaries of your comfort zone, because that’s where life’s most exciting and satisfying moments ultimately reside.

Photo Credit: Pete Markham


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      Len Penzo says


      Now, Woodrow, let’s be honest … Did you really expect to see an “article” after you clicked on a headline where the first three words were “100 Words On:”?

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    It is very uncomfortable to leave the comfort zone, but that is the only way to accomplish things. If you never leave the comfort zone you will be lulled into complaceny

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    I agree with Lance, all the great profitable ventures are risky. Gotta step outside of your comfort zone for exceptional success. Then after you succeed there, you start falling back into being comfortable again, and you should repeat the process! Keep challenging yourself!

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    David C. says

    Kenny Loggins didn’t sing “Highway to the comfort zone.”

    It’s only when I’ve done something outside of the comfort zone that I have advanced as a person.

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