Why I Love Christmas: A Guest Post from My Daughter, Nina

Dear Readers: I am still swamped at work so I have gone into the archives to rerun this guest post from my daughter, Nina. She originally wrote the piece three years ago (on December 24, 2010) when she was just 11-years-old. I have to admit, rereading her article was bittersweet — if only because it reminded me that my little girl is growing up faster than I would like. They really do grow up way too fast. — Len

NinaXmasPicWell, hello there! My name is Nina, and I’m 11 years-old. I love singing, acting, drawing, and writing!

Dad asked me to write an article for his blog talking about why I love Christmas! Well, of course, I couldn’t have said no!

Now, there are many reasons why I love Christmas like family time, presents, baking cookies, and great food. But the reason that I love the most is actually getting no presents at all, and just using all the money in my piggy bank and giving it to people on the side of my city streets. Okay, I just exaggerated a little bit. But I really do like to give! I am in this program at school called KIVA. It is an organization that lends money to people around the world that really need it.

Just a few weeks ago, for Christmas, my class paired up into groups and loaned money to needy people in different sections of Africa! My group decided to loan to some parents that needed money for their children’s education! That was my giving for this year.

Of course, kids dream about getting all of the things they wanted on their Christmas list. I am one of those kids.

Here is one of the best things I love about Christmas. Each year I look forward to waking up on Christmas morning and running downstairs to see all of the presents I got! Since I am interested in the arts, I usually ask for a new music CD, some paint brushes, some canvases, and promo merchandise from my favorite musical artist!

If you are wondering, my favorite musician is Bruno Mars! Although just a few months ago I was crazy about the Jonas Brothers!

Any hoo … Christmas is a holiday for family time! Family time is something that I cherish because most of Mom’s side of the family lives in Connecticut, and most of Dad’s side lives in Indiana and Ohio! But just because my family is small here in California, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun too!

Each Christmas Eve, we have Christmas dinner at Nana and Papa’s house! We eat beef brisket and talk a lot.

I am really close to my family, which makes it a ton more fun! I am very lucky!

A few nights before Christmas, Mom, Dad, and my older brother, Matthew, drive around the neighborhood and look at all the Christmas lights! Some people go so out on it!

I think this one street discusses what they want to do every Christmas because each house puts up a ton of lights! One house last year even put three snowmen that were playing guitar on their roof! It was so awesome!

What I love about Christmas are the small things: family, gifts, and having a great time! Every year I look forward to the same old thing! But in my opinion, it doesn’t get old until you do!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long article, and thanks, Dad, for letting me be a guest writer and picking the blog picture too! Maybe I’ll be back to write on another holiday!

Have a happy holiday, everybody, and a fantastic new year!


Nina :-)


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    Hi Nina, great article!

    You really hit at home with the Christmas lights, we love to go out and look at all the houses that do a great job decorating with light too.

    I really enjoyed your post and look forward to read more of your material in the future! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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    If this is our future, I am looking forward to it. What a touching post. Nina, I see that you value what is really important about the holidays. Happy Holidays.

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    Honeybee says

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You truly are your fathers daughter! Bravo sweetie girl…you’ve done a GREAT job!

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    Nina says

    @sheila: Thank you! I had fun writing it! :)

    @MoneyReasons: Thanks! We went out to look at lights last night. The street that usually has all the lights was pretty dull this year…probably because of all the rain. Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  5. 6

    Nina says

    @Honeybee: Thank you Mom! :)

    @krantcents: Thanks! My parents taught me that it’s more important to give then to recieve! :)

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    Nina, don’t wait until the next Holiday to write a post, we would love to hear from you sooner!

    You are a very talented young writer. I would have never guessed the author of the article was only 11 if I hadn’t read it in the beginning.

    The arts are a wonderful thing. No matter what happens in life, you will always have your painting, writing, whatever to ‘fall back on’. Being comfortable spending time just creating is a wonderful gift, enjoy!

    I hope you get whatever you wish for Christmas, and I love your giving spirit.

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    Nice post Nina, KIVA’s a nice organization. And that picture? Awesome! Merry Christmas!

    I’d love to have one of my kids do a post some day, but right now they’d just write something like:

    “Poopy, poophead,” anything with poop in it.

    6 and 4. real mature.

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    It was a pleasure meeting you at the OC Bloggers meetup last month.

    At age 11, you have already discovered that giving is the best part of Christmas. You are way ahead of your time kid.

    Merry Christmas.


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    Nina, I hope Christmas lived up to your expectations this year. You have the gift of writing, like your dad. I’m looking forward to reading your next article hopefully before next Christmas!

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    Hi Nina!
    Do you remember me? I hope you do. The last time (and second in our whole lives) that we saw each other you were still a fan of the Jonas Bothers.
    I liked reading your article and I also love to go see all the lights in the streets and houses. Today as I was walking at my neighbourhood, I was looking for the decoration outside houses… but only a few of them had. Too sad.
    Here in Spain although the Christmas lights are really different from what you do in USA. Here people usually put lights at Christmas Tree outside but not at all their house. I hope one day could also see the Christmas lights in the USA.

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    Nina says

    @Everydaytip: Awww thanks! I’ll ask my dad if i can write another one sooner!

    @FirstGenAmerican: Thank you! :)

    @Darwin’sMoney: Thanks! :)

    @Bret @ Hope to prosper: It was nice to meet you to Bret! And I get that alot… alot of people say that I seem way more mature for my age :)

    @Crystal @ Budgeting in the fun stuff: Thank you!

    @Kay Lynn: Thanks so much!

    @Nona: Hi Nona! Yes i do remember you! Thank you for reading my article and I hope to see you real soon! :)

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