My Daughter’s Halloween Take for 2010

In case anybody is interested, here is Nina’s Halloween take this year.

I had her itemize everything in her bag when she got home Sunday night. Isn’t that terrible?

Actually, she didn’t mind at all. She happily put this together for me in no time really, all the while munching away on the stuff in her bag.

All candy bars are the “fun size” variety — no big bars this year. The Reese’s peanut butter cups are single count.

13 Kit Kats

8 Almond Joys (Amazingly, 0 Mounds)

6 Nerds

8 Snickers

3 Three Muskateers

5 Milky Way (Ever have the “After Midnight” variety with dark chocolate?  The best!)

13 Laffy Taffy

4 Air Heads

3 Heath Bars  (Heath ice cream, yes. Heath candy bar, no thanks.)

8 Butterfingers

16 Whoppers (no, not the Burger King variety)

4 Nestle Crunch

9 Reese’s peanut butter cups  (My personal favorites!)

2 Hershey milk chocolate bars

6 Twix

4 bags of pretzels

12 Smarties

5 Candy sticks

1 Milk Duds (These were big when I was a kid – not any more.)

1 Rice Crispy treat

4 Now and Laters

13 Tootsie Pops

3 Tootsie Rolls

3 Sweet Tarts

1 Bottle Caps  (My favorites are the root beer ones. I wish they were all root beer!)

11 Sour Punch Licorice

2 Fun Dip

1 M&Ms  (I can’t believe this number was so low!)

1 Baby Ruth  (Quite possibly the worst candy bar ever invented.)

1 Take 5

1 Hot Tamale

1 Starburst

1 Skittles

1 Twizzler

2 Life Saver Gummies

2 Fruit Jelly’s

1 Lemon Gummy Heads

1 Gobstopper

1 Rolo  (And now a message from our sponsor…)

2 Jolly Ranchers

1 Bazooka bubble gum

9 generic hard candies

2 pencils

1 glow stick

1 goody bag

$2.00 (Can you believe one house was actually giving out $2 per kid?  We got 96 kids which means, assuming he got the same number, this guy passed out almost $200 to the kids! Wow.)


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    @Dr. Dean: I was a good boy this year! I stayed away from everything in her bag. Usually, though, I snag a few Reese’s and I also eat the Almond Joys she doesn’t end up wanting.
    @MR: I say that’s a great idea! Talk about a side hustle!

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