Ten Easy Ways to Save Big Every Day

Savvy individuals are always looking for great ways to cut costs and save money.

In today’s tough economy, sticking to a careful budget is more important than ever before. But individuals who want to save money don’t need to worry — these 10 simple tips can help anyone cut costs on a daily basis:

Opt for snacks from home. If you work or go to school outside of your home, you’re probably tempted to buy drinks and snacks throughout the day. Unfortunately, this can get quite expensive. Try bringing snacks and drinks from home instead. You can buy snack mixes, crackers and fruits in bulk at great prices and put them in reusable containers.

Choose cheap commuting options when possible. Driving to work every day can lead to big gas and car repair costs. Skip the expense and worry of driving to work by choosing to bike, take a bus or carpool. Commuting on public transit even once or twice a week can make a big impact on your pocketbook.

Make smart entertainment decisions. Almost everyone loves going out the movie theater or seeing a show. Instead of going to a high-priced nighttime movie, head out to a matinee. Check your community calendar for fun, free events that the whole family can attend. Remember to pack your own snacks if you’re headed to outdoor shows and festivals.

Learn how to rotate food in your refrigerator. Food represents one of the highest overall costs for most families. To keep your food budget in line, be sure to cut down on waste. Go through your refrigerator and shelves once a week to look for any items that are about to expire or spoil. Rotate these items to the front of the shelf or fridge so that you can cook them quickly.

Skip meat one day a week. Many individuals now laud the health benefits of a meat-free life. In addition to its health benefits, skipping meat can also be a great money-saving measure. You don’t need to become a vegetarian or vegan to save money with this tip. Simply choose to skip meat one day a week. You might be surprised at how much you can save.

Carefully review your insurance policies to be sure you’re not paying for services you don’t need. Before renewing your car, home or life insurance, be sure to carefully read all policy terms. Carefully evaluate if you need all the services for which you are paying. If you need roadside assistance coverage, check into a specialty company such as AAA. They may provide this coverage at a lower cost than your insurance company. You can also go online to compare cheap auto insurance rates.

Always make a grocery list. Impulse purchases in the grocery store can put a big dent in anyone’s food budget. Even if you’re just going to the grocery store to buy a few items, make a list. Make a commitment to yourself to stick to the list.

Shop alone. In addition to making a shopping list, you should head to the grocery store alone if at all possible. This will help you to avoid impulse buys. Also be sure to eat before heading to the grocery store. A full stomach can help you to avoid a wide range of food temptations.

Consider homemade cleaning products. Ditch expensive glass and tile cleaners. You can make great home care products with basic ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. You’ll enjoy the benefits of cleaning without dangerous chemicals too.

Pass on disposable items. Skip disposable kitchen wipes, paper plates and plastic flatware. These items come at a high fiscal and environmental cost. Choose sturdy, long-lasting items instead.

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    I do my grocery during weekdays while the children are in school to avoid making “extra” purchases. I have also made it a habit to bring a list, not only to ensure that I do not forget anything but also to avoid making “extra” purchases (again!). Let’s face it, those “extra” purchases add up to our expenses. Without realizing it, you may be paying additional $10-$15 from those “extra” purchases.

    When the weather is good, I walk my children to school. Saves us gas and a bit of exercise, too. As the doctors say, we need to keep our body active.

    I also have a mini-herb garden at home so that we can enjoy “no-meat days” not only once but twice or thrice a week.

    • 2

      Len Penzo says

      I try to go out on a nice quiet walk at least a couple miles every day too (on top of all the other walking I do around work).

      Great tips, Cherleen! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. 3

    Marc says

    Commuting options do not really save money, if you have to maintain a car. I ride my bike work every day – living in Boston it is the easiest way to get around – but I don’t save money (if I had to pay for parking – I would save). I still have to keep insurance on the car, wear and tear is probably less – but given my wife’s expenses it does not add up to much, and savings on gas is literally eaten. If I could completely get rid of my car – I would save. This will be the last car I own, as zipcar, uber, biking, etc. already make owning a car in the city luxury that is not really worth it. Public transit is useless, if you value your time.

    • 5

      Len Penzo says

      Yep .. where I work, a tiny single-serving bag of pretzels is $1. Why do that when I can buy a giant bag at the grocery store for a couple of bucks that will last me for at least 10 days?

  3. 6


    I’m with you on the food suggestions! Cooking your own food is by far the cheapest way to eat. And, not wasting food you’ve already bought is crucial too!

    We rarely eat meat or dairy anymore, which saves us a ton. I like your suggestion of trying one meatless meal a week–that’s a great way to ease into it. We’ve found that there are so many cheaper sources of protein, we don’t even miss meat.

    • 7

      Len Penzo says

      Our kids really love our meatless days too, Mrs. F. — especially when it is mac and cheese night!

  4. 8


    My strategy is I bring lunch to work as I have conditioned myself that aside from it’s cheaper, I can get what food I want to have for that day. I also go to work earlier so I not only save time but also gas because it is less traffic.

  5. 9


    There are many ways to save money. In my opinion, the easiest way is to divide the money into parts according to their destination. As a result, I do not have still wondering how I can save, because the specified amount is always deposited into a savings account.

    • 10

      Len Penzo says

      You’re right, Matt. There are a zillion ways to do it, and everybody has their faves. Thanks for sharing yours.


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