100 Words

One of the most popular running features on Len Penzo dot Com is my “100 Words” series, where I challenge myself each week to comment on a variety of subjects in exactly 100 words.

These fun-to-read posts are perfect for folks who prefer to get their information in bite-size chunks.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

  1. Why a Penny Saved Is More Than a Penny Earned
  2. Why You’re Better Off Buying a Used Car
  3. Why You Should Never Ever Fear Credit Cards
  4. Why Extended Warranties Sometimes Do Make Sense
  5. Why Inflation Is Taxation without Representation
  6. Why Excessive Debt Leads to Indentured Servitude
  7. Why Time Is More Valuable Than Money
  8. Why You Don’t Need an MBA to Manage Your Finances
  9. A Surefire Way to Teach Kids the Value of Money
  10. The Trouble With Whole Life Insurance (vs. Term)
  11. Why You Should Never Ever Be Afraid of Failure
  12. Why You Should Never Cosign A Loan for Anyone
  13. Why Personal Responsibility Is the Key to Success
  14. Why A Home Shouldn’t Be Considered an Investment
  15. Why Frugality Has Its Limits
  16. When Financial Perfection Is the Enemy of Good
  17. Why Financial Freedom Requires Very Little Money
  18. Why Luck Is So Overrated
  19. Why the Federal Reserve Must Be Abolished
  20. Why Budgets Are So Important (for Most People)
  21. The Importance of a Balanced Investment Portfolio
  22. The Importance of Always Paying Yourself First
  23. Why My Dog Is Worth Every Penny I’ve Spent On Him
  24. Why It’s Not Poor Etiquette to Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog
  25. Why Not All Debt is a Four-Letter Word
  26. The Importance of Tracking Your Expenses
  27. A Surefire Way to Beat the Lottery — Guaranteed!
  28. The Importance of Having a Financial Back-Up Plan
  29. Why Many “Rich” People Are Only Fooling Themselves
  30. Why Tracking Your Net Worth is So Overrated
  31. Why You Need Emergency Savings AND a Rainy Day Fund
  32. Why It’s So Hard to Beat a Homegrown Tomato
  33. The Most Important Power Tool a Household CEO Can Own
  34. A Really Sneaky Way to Reduce Your Restaurant Bar Tab
  35. The Smartest Way to Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt
  36. Why the Most Valuable Monopoly Property Isn’t Boardwalk
  37. What You Should Always Do Before Buying Stuff Online
  38. Why It Doesn’t Always Pay to Do It Yourself
  39. The Importance of Good Moral Character
  40. The Thin Green Line Between Frugal and Cheap
  41. The Science of Defining What’s Truly Priceless
  42. Why Miracle Whip Doesn’t Belong on a Tuna Sandwich
  43. Why the US Postal Service Should Take Saturdays Off
  44. Why Programmable Thermostats Rarely Save People Money
  45. Why Savers Should be Rooting for Mild Deflation
  46. Why Laziness Is Usually Someone Else’s Fault
  47. The Real Reason Why Drive-up ATMs Have Braille Keypads
  48. How to Increase the Odds of Booking an On-Time Flight
  49. How to Determine If You’re a True Financial Success
  50. My 10 Most Popular 100-Word Posts of 2011
  51. Why Having an Upside Down Mortgage Ain’t All Bad
  52. Why Competition Is Good for Everyone
  53. The Department of Redundancy Department
  54. The Best Way to Make Ends Meet on a Limited Income
  55. Why You Should Always Bet Against the Groundhog
  56. The One-Armed Bandit’s Armless Cousin
  57. The Best Time to Start a New Business
  58. Why It Pays to Keep It Simple, Stupid
  59. Why I Don’t Feel Guilty Getting a Yearly Tax Refund
  60. The Most Valuable Subject Taught in Grade School
  61. The Big Advantages of Natural Gas Appliances
  62. Confusing Equal Opportunity with Equal Outcome
  63. Why Folgers Coffee Is More Expensive than You Think
  64. When High Car Insurance Deductibles Make Sense
  65. How to Get an Instant Raise (without Kissing Up)
  66. Why Buying in Bulk Is Not Always a Smart Idea
  67. Why It’s Time to Eliminate the Penny
  68. The Dumbest Place Where People Use Credit Cards
  69. Why You Should Be a Parent, Not a Best Friend
  70. Why It Pays to Never Give Up
  71. The (Second) Best Stock Market Investing Tip Ever
  72. Why I Hate Slow Drivers Who Cruise in the Left Lane
  73. Why You Should Never Buy a Timeshare
  74. Why You’ll Never Get Rich Working for “the Man”
  75. Runners and Pedestrians Who Refuse to Use Sidewalks
  76. Why Lazy People Shouldn’t Automate Their Finances
  77. Why the Customer Is (Almost) Always Right
  78. Why You Should Resist Borrowing from Your 401(k)
  79. Why It Pays to Sleep On It Prior to a Big Decision
  80. Why You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For
  81. How to Quit Dreaming and Start Doing
  82. Why Window Seat Fliers are the Happiest Fliers
  83. The Dangers of Loitering in the Comfort Zone
  84. The Importance of Making a Good First Impression
  85. The Baffling Allure of the Eiffel Tower
  86. Why Compound Interest Isn’t Everybody’s Best Friend
  87. A Hidden Home Storage Space Most People Overlook
  88. How to Avoid Burning Out
  89. Saving Your Lame Excuses for Somebody Who Cares
  90. Why Most Early Risers Usually Wake Up Smiling
  91. A Grim Warning to Those Who Think Money Grows on Trees
  92. Donating to the Company Charity Drive
  93. How Our Debt Troubles Are Usually Related to Diet
  94. How Smart People Make High-Risk Ventures Pay Off
  95. One of the Biggest Mistakes a Household CEO Can Make
  96. A Guaranteed Way to Preserve Your Wealth
  97. Why Money Is NOT the Root of All Evil
  98. The Difference Between Paper Wealth and Real Money