Another Happy Day In Blogville…

Well, it’s another happy day in Blogville for the crack writing staff at Len Penzo dot Com. I just thought I would drop a quick note that my post on the potential drawbacks of shopping for lower gasoline prices was selected as an Editor’s Pick for the 4th Edition of the Everything Money blog carnival. Thank you, VC, at The Penny Daily, for that honor! :-)

My post on My Kids’ Loan Interview With the Bank of Dad was also featured at The Writer’s Coin for the fifth edition of the Comics and Cents carnival. Thank you, Nut! And the Ninja Cat video was hilarious! :-)

I’d also like to report that Len Penzo dot Com has reissued official fan number “3″ to my father-in-law, Tony.

And, folks, please don’t write to say he only requested an official number because of the glowing review I gave him in my Dirty Harry post. Let’s not go there! ;-)

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