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I’m still recovering from my recent trip to FINCON13 in St. Louis this past weekend, so I’m a bit behind the 8-ball. Yes, again.

By the way, while I was there, yours truly won the Plutus Award for Most Humorous Personal Finance Blog! Hard to believe, I know.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who voted for me. Your checks are in the mail.

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The Way-Back Machine: Past Posts Of Mine You May Have Missed

From May 2009:

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Last Week’s Poll Results

How old were you when you got your first ticket for a driving infraction?

  • 19 or younger. (35%)
  • I’ve never gotten a ticket! (27%)
  • Twentysomething (24%)
  • Thirtysomething (9%)
  • 40 or older. (5%)

More than 300 people responded to last week’s question. Like the plurality of readers who took the time to answer my poIl, I got my first moving violation (for speeding) when I was 19 years old. As for those of you who haven’t gotten a ticket yet, don’t get too smug. For most of you, it just means you haven’t been caught yet!

The Question of the Week

Credits and Debits

Credit: Insurance regulators are warning Americans that this month’s Obamacare roll-out has opened the door for so-called “bad actors.” Too bad they didn’t warn Americans about the bad actors in Washington DC who were pushing all of Obamacare’s “benefits” before it became the law of the land.

Debit: How bad has the Obamacare roll out been? For their part, Consumer Reports was urging people to stay away from the snake-bitten federal Obamacare exchange until the software gets fixed. Don’t hold your breath.

Credit: And government officials say they’re now initiating a “tech surge” that will consist of the “best and brightest” who, they seem to think, will fix in two months what couldn’t be correctly built after three years of effort. Right.

Debit: Then again, I guess “fixed” is in the eye of the beholder. After all, if you ask the usual Obamacare cheerleaders, most will still tell you that the President’s signature law “fixed” our old healthcare system — despite the pathetic slow-motion train wreck that continues to unfold before our eyes.

Credit: If the government can’t even handle a simple website release, how can anyone say they will improve something as complex as our national healthcare system, which currently constitutes 17% of the US economy — and is expected to top 20% by 2020?

Credit:   Heck, things are so bad that real-life Obamacare enrollees are now considered an “urban legend” by some.  For example, as of Thursday, there were still zero Obamacare enrollees in Oregon. And you thought Bigfoot was tough to find.

Credit: That’s not to say Obamacare enrollees don’t exist; they do. There just aren’t a lot of them. Despite government requests to ix-nay the Obamacare-way igures-fay, North Dakota reported that, after three weeks, they had, drum roll please … 14 Obamacare enrollments. Obviously, the good folks in the Flickertail State don’t understand Pig Latin.

Debit: There are plenty of other dismal numbers to report. For example, under Obamacare, premiums for young healthy people will jump in 45 of the 50 states. Apparently, nobody told the President this, because he told everyone Obamacare would lower premiums by an average of $2500.

Debit: Meanwhile, thanks to Obamacare, more than a million Americans who purchase their own health insurance have already received cancellation notices — and 16 million more are at risk. Ironically, more people have lost insurance under Obamacare than have acquired it.

Credit: So much for the President’s promise — repeated over and over and over and over again for Obamacare — that, “If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period.”

Debit: This is what happens, folks, when a partisan majority of Congress foolishly decides to approve a 2500-page healthcare bill — in the dead of night on Christmas Eve, under politically ugly circumstances — so we could all, um, see what’s in it. I know.

Debit: Some prominent Obamacare defenders are so desperate that they’ve resorted to retweeting any morsels of good news they can find on Twitter — even though they’re misleading and provide false impressions that the healthcare exchange is actually working.

Debit: Incredibly, when it comes to the bungled Obamacare exchanges, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is confidently telling everyone, “Don’t believe what you heard.” Apparently, she’s learned a few tricks from Baghdad Bob.

Credit: Perhaps the Secretary’s claim would have been more believable if she had said, “Don’t believe what you heard. Period.” Hey, it worked for the President.

Debit: Speaking of Baghdad Bob, CNN reports that Obamacare is “not the driving factor” behind higher healthcare premiums. The “real” reason: “Health care costs are rising because the economy is improving so people are going to the doctor more.” How about that.

Debit: In fact, the economy is doing so well that the government has spent $3.7 trillion on means-tested welfare programs over the past five years, the number of Americans NOT in the labor force is at an all-time high, and the Fed is afraid to begin tapering — let alone quit outright — its $85 billion per month quantitative easing program.

Debit: Unfortunately, Obamacare was a bait and switch scam and Americans are now stuck with lots of broken promises. Only the most committed ideologues continue to deny the obvious: Your current healthcare plan isn’t sacrosanct; you may lose your doctor; it isn’t cheaper; it won’t reduce our budget deficits … and it probably won’t reduce the number of uninsured.

Debit: Now that we finally know what’s really in it, it’s safe to say that the so-called Affordable Care Act is neither affordable or caring. In fact, for almost everyone who previously had insurance, Obamacare is bad medicine. Period.

By the Numbers

More on the debacle that is Obamacare:

$44,680 Annual income where individuals are not eligible for federal subsidies.

30 million Number of Americans, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), who will remain uninsured under Obamacare in 2021.

20 million Number of Americans who the CBO projects could lose their employer-based coverage by 2019.

11,588,500 Number of words in Obamacare’s 109 regulations. In all, the regulations are spread out over 10,535 pages.

62% Average cost increase for the least expensive Obamacare plan for women, compared to the cheapest plan offered in a given state under the old system.

99% Average cost increase for the least expensive Obamacare plan for men, compared to the cheapest plan offered in a given state under the old system.

15 The number of unelected officials that will be in charge of cutting Medicare payments for millions of seniors under Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board.

$8000 Average annual deductible for 21 of the 22 lowest-priced Obamacare family-coverage plans offered for Cook County, Illinois residents. (That’s on top of the annual premiums.)

Sources: National Review Online;; Heritage; Forbes

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  1. 1

    hannah says

    You don’t want to get me started on this subject because I am positively livid. Livid, I tell you!
    This ‘brilliant’ president has lied through his teeth to us about this so called wonderful plan of his.
    Many, many leaders and officials have tried to fight it, and been fought down by people who lack the capacity to reason.
    Now, we are apparently stuck with it. And I’m mad.
    I’m mad that we allowed a president to put through a plan that would put such a burden on citizens. I’m mad that the judges of the Supreme Court were idiotic enough to uphold it.
    I’m furious that under Obama’s plan, I have only impossible choices for health insurance next year:
    1) $330/month, $3500 ind deductible, with $7500 family deductible, 30% coinsurance, $12,700 annual max
    2) $550/month,$4200 ind. deductible,with $8500 family deductible, 20% coinsurance, $12,500 annual max
    3)$300/month, $6300 ind deductible, with $12,600 family deductible, 0% coinsurance, $12,600 annual max

    Each of these scenarios means that not only do I have to pay $100s each month, I’ll be paying for everything out of pocket unless something catastrophic happens. So basically I’m forced to pay $100s a month for coverage I can’t even use until I go bankrupt trying to come up with a TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR annual limit.
    Obviously Obama and his fans don’t bother looking up the quotes, or they’d know something is seriously wrong here. He should have left well enough alone!

    • 2

      Len Penzo says

      I’m as angry as you are, Hannah. What’s really interesting is that in America, private citizens can be imprisoned for lying and selling products under false pretenses. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that the same is not true for our politicians. They can lie about a proposed bill, and then perform a bait and switch after it’s passed — and get away with it.

      As far as I am concerned, this is an impeachable offense — but the current power structure in the Senate would never permit it, mainly because they aided and abetted in the passage of this snake oil.

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