100 Words On: A Hidden Home Storage Space Most People Overlook

If you’re like most folks, it seems as if there can never be enough storage space in the home — especially when there’s a household full of kids. The good news is, that unused triangular nook under the stairs can often provide a natural solution for reducing everyday clutter by converting it into the perfect hiding spot for your stuff. And with a little imagination, sometimes it can even be turned into bookshelves, a wine rack, a mini-bar, a workspace or a small powder room.

The bottom line: When storage space is precious, think outside the box by looking under the stairs.

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    We live in a 2-story home with a basement, and thus have 2 staircases.. Our main staircase has 90 degree angle halfway up and thus isn’t really usable, but our basement staircase leaves a nice little nook underneath. It actually is our go-to spot for hiding things such as Christmas presents from the kids :)

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    We tried something really radical earlier this year: sell everything we couldn’t store.

    At first it was very difficult, there were things that we needed but just didn’t have room for. Things we collected over the years that would be very handy in one apartment but not the other (due to lack of space). So we did what we had to, and sold it all.

    We haven’t looked back yet. Everything we own fits into our tiny apartment with no storage space. If it doesn’t fit, we don’t buy it. If it stick out, we sell it. It’s amazing how little we’ve gotten by on!

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    EJac says

    Yup. When we bought the house we’re in now, it already had a short coat closet with a shelf built above it, plus three deep pull-out drawers, two with triangular fronts to fit the stairs. It squeezes every inch of usable space out of there.

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    Yep we use the little space under the stair for home improvement tool storage. It’s easy access for us and hidden enough from our very mobile toddler.

    Still great reminder that we have to organize our house and get rid of stuff. Happy Friday Len!

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