Len Penzo dot Com Is Giving Away $100 to a Lucky Reader!

That’s right folks; I’m sellin’ out.

It’s a new year, and so I wanted to thank all my readers here at Len Penzo dot Com by holding a very modest blog contest.   Of course, I’m also hoping this little contest might end up securing me at least a few new readers too.

Who Wants to Win $100?

Now, for those of you who are stopping by Len Penzo dot Com for the first time, let me just say that my primary goal here is to entertain you; hopefully, if I’m lucky, you’ll also learn something regarding personal finance or the world of money at the same time too.

If you’re new here, I invite you to browse the list of my most popular posts (which you can find in the side bar to the right).   Better yet, click on an article or two and give them a test drive; my hope is that you’ll find something here that you’ll really enjoy and become a regular reader!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that most everybody can be bought.   After all, we all have our price; I’m just praying that, in your case, it’s $100 or less.

Okay, enough self-promotion.   Let’s get to the good stuff!   Here’s how this contest works:

The grand prize is $100.

The contest runs from January 5, 2011 through Friday, February 4, 2011.

On February 5th, I will assign numbers for each valid and verified  entry received, and then conduct a random drawing using random.org.   The  winner will then be announced in a separate blog post on or around Sunday, February 6, 2011.

To participate, you’ll need to perform at least one of three specified actions; the more actions you perform, the more entries you’ll receive!

Here’s how to ensure you get the maximum number of entries:

If you perform all three actions, you’ll have  ten total entries (5 for the RSS subscription,  3 for following me on Twitter and  2 for becoming a fan of Len Penzo dot Com)!

If you’ve already done any or all of the above actions — for example, you’re already following me on Twitter, or are a subscriber — then you’re way ahead of the game!

How to Enter

In order to enter the contest, and ensure that you get credit for all of your entries, you’ll need to leave a comment at the bottom of this article with the following info:

  • Your Facebook profile id   (If you aren’t sure what your Facebook ID is, click this link to find out how to get it.)
  • Your Twitter account name
  • Your RSS subscription validation.     There are two ways you can validate your subscription: 1) Note in the comments that you subscribe via email; or 2) Tell me the secret seven-digit contest  code number for my article from December 29, 2010 entitled The Penner Awards: The 10 Craziest Money Blunders of 2010.     The seven-digit contest code number for that particular post is at the end of the article, but it can only be seen by people viewing it via their RSS feed.

So if you performed all three actions, the comment you leave below might, for example, look something like this:

Facebook ID: 14356786899666
Twitter: @JohnDoe
Contest Code: 1234567   (NOTE: If you subscribe by email, simply type “email subscriber” and I’ll verify your subscription on my end.)

IMPORTANT! You must  enter  your valid email address when you fill out the comment form below or your entry will be null and void! The address you submit is the address I will use to contact you if you win.

Tweet This for an Extra Bonus Entry!

As an added bonus, I’ll give you one (1) additional entry if you tweet the following message (limit: one bonus entry per Twitter account):

“Visit @LenPenzo for your chance to win $100 in cash!   http://tiny.cc/bccj9

By the way, there’s no need to leave a comment that you tweeted the bonus message on Twitter.   I’ll be able to track that from my Twitter account.

One Last Thing…

For the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo, you can check out my boring contest rules page.

Sound good?   Alrighty, then!     Thanks again and good luck!


  1. 5


    Facebook ID: 10150117945892814
    Twitter: @Aiketa
    Email subscriber

    I did everything but I don’t know if I’m allowed to enter the contest. Hope so though, $100 are always welcomed!
    Besos a todos!

  2. 6


    Facebook ID: 12807694
    Twitter: @ChandaGlover
    Contest Code: 7777777

    Come on Len, this has to be one of the most convoluted contest entries in the world.

    …okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

    • 7


      I know, Chanda. I know. I was going to make it even harder to enter, but I ultimately decided against making everyone solve a homogeneous linear differential equation too. ;-)

      Thanks for entering! Good luck to ya! :-)

  3. 11


    I’ve already signed up for everything. I do draw the line at differential equations though! I mean, my husband would because he’s the Physics major and I would of course make HIM do it. :)

    Facebook: 38518
    Twitter: gastrategist
    Subscribe: email

  4. 12

    Colleen says

    Facebook id: 605731791
    Subscribe : via email
    I refuse to twitter! but I love differential equations – I never get to use my math degree!

  5. 15

    Beth says

    I subscribe by eamil. I love getting up in the morning and reading what you’ve got to say.

  6. 23


    Only 22 entries? Really? Hm… And to think I wasn’t going to enter because I thought the chances would be slim! :)

    Twitter: @GrlRedBalloon
    Contest code: 7777777

    I also tweeted your message for the bonus entry! Fingers crossed!

  7. 26

    jen says

    FB ID:1551652470649
    Twitter: sheeponahill
    Contest Code: 7777777

    Thanks for the contest!

  8. 27


    Facebook ID ~ 383044622825
    Twitter ~ @jlizgar
    I subscribed via email

    Really digging your site! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!